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When asked about her greatest motivation in life, La'Asia Stith (A.K.A CEO Panda) reflected upon her career and dedicated that title to her mom, Melba L. Allen. As a child, La'Asia watched her mother thrive and prosper in the creative space as a runway model. Following in her mom's footsteps, La'Asia also took up modeling and was celebrated for her physique and versatile style. Her mother never hesitated to support La'Asia in her artistic ventures and was one of her biggest cheerleaders until her passing in 2011. Applying the lessons of perseverance, dedication, and grit her mother taught her, La'Asia is now a serial entrepreneur and the proud founder and CEO of Creative Panda Marketing. 


La'Asia was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where she was surrounded by renowned artists such as Nelly and even the St. Lunatics. Although she was young and not yet allowed to participate in front of a crowd, she found ways to apply her growing skills behind the scenes. Throughout her adolescent and teen years, La'Asia leaned into her interest in dance and majored in Dance and Choreography at the Columbia College of Chicago. Notably, during this time, she danced with Alvin Ailey's Dance Company, The Katherine Dunham Dance Company, and even the St. Louis Black Repertory Theater. 

La'Asia Stith

Strategic Marketing Expert

w/ 9+ Years of Professional Experience.

From 2012-to 2014, La'Asia offered expert-level choreography coaching services to local midwestern artists. Her first small business, iDance, worked alongside clients such as J.R. Junior, Kris Warren, and Saint London, amongst many others. She even got the chance to travel to China in 2014, where she worked as a choreographer and dancer for one of Shanghai's most acclaimed nightclubs, M2. Amazingly, she also placed as a finalist in an international dance competition while she was overseas. Her time in China wasn't all about the entertainment industry, though, as she spent a considerable amount of time teaching English at a local college. 

Dedicated to pursuing higher education, La'Asia enrolled at Nelly's Ex'Treme Institute, which is also fondly called "EI by Nelly ."Here, she networked with other talented artists and celebrity figures while earning an associate's degree in Occupational Studies with a focus on Entertainment and Media Business with Management. Notably, paired with her extensive field experience, La'Asia also later obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. After being offered a position she couldn't pass up, La'Asia relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2015, where she worked for Street Execs Studios. Here, she worked diligently to ideate and develop new strategies to revamp the brand.

Graduation 2015
2015 Graduation
Graduation Walk
Graduation w/ The Track Starz
CEO Panda Graduates EI by Nelly

When she is away from the office, La'Asia enjoys spending her time immersed in creativity. In her spare time, she can often be found singing, dancing, or even hosting a podcast where she can freely express herself. Even when she is not working, La'Asia is consistently staying updated on today's best practices in digital marketing. Furthermore, she is adamant about remaining current on industry trends to ensure Creative Panda Marketing continues to offer clients unmatched digital marketing solutions. 

Soon after, she transitioned to working for Wealth Nation as an Artist and Repertoire (A&R) Executive and was soon promoted to Director of A&R. In this position, she worked alongside business magnate and financial strategist, Robert Terell, where she had a chance to learn valuable knowledge about the industry and gain significant insight into her own true purpose. After this epiphany, La'Asia moved to Los Angeles, California, where she is focused on growing, improving, and expanding the superior digital marketing services offered by Creative Panda Marketing. 


From brand design and content creation to strategic marketing to social media management services, La'Asia designed Creative Panda Marketing to provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists. The innovative masters at Creative Panda Marketing are well-versed in all aspects of brand strategy, digital marketing, talent relations, and even production coordination. Referred to fondly by clients as their "best friends in business," Creative Panda Marketing has gained a reputation for its state-of-the-art processes that drive measurable results. 


Through strategic partnerships and expert-level marketing services, they are known for accelerating the success of any entrepreneur or artist they serve. As a devoted and talented artist herself, La'Asia is passionate about helping other creatives successfully flourish and reach success. In fact, when asked about her favorite aspect of her career, La'Asia testified that she enjoys watching entrepreneurs turn everyday hobbies into thriving businesses. 

CEO Panda x Nelly
CEO Panda x Street Execs Studios
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Spectacular Service, Panda is very genuine & knowledgeable. She went above & beyond during covid to ensure I was taken care of.

Marco Russel, CA